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AGA Cookers for Hampshire

There is not much we can say about an AGA that hasn’t already been said.  This cherished and trusted brand has been around for 100 years now, and is made right here in Britain.

If you have ever owned an AGA or experienced one, then you will know that food cooked in an AGA cast iron oven is amazing!  Succulent, full of flavour and simply delicious!  This is because an AGA cast iron oven cooks with an indirect, radiant heat.  This locks in the food’s taste, moisture and goodness.

You will find that modern electric AGAs are designed for the way we live our lives whilst still retaining the classic AGA look.  Many include state of the art induction hobs sat alongside the traditional AGA hot plate.  Some models have a conventional fan oven sitting alongside the cast iron ovens. This gives you lots of flexibility when it comes to cooking.

AGA R3 and eR3 Series

If you love the original “on all the time” AGA, with its cosy warmth and cast iron cooking, but want added functionality, then the R3 series is perfect for you. Models in this series include a high speed infrared grill, a state of the art induction hob, as well as at least one traditional hot plate.

Alternatively, there is the “everyday radiant” AGA eR3 series.  This is designed to be switched on and off as and when you need it  The eR3 is the first AGA collection to feature models that combine both cast-iron radiant heat cooking and conventional cooking. The mix of ovens, hot plates and an induction hob means you have a cooker for all seasons and one that makes it very easy to manage energy usage.

AGA R7 and eR7 Series

The R7 and eR7 series models not only have the classic AGA look but are also highly detailed, with AGA embossed cast-iron oven doors, branded handrails and black flush fitting side panels.  All models come with 3 cast iron ovens and 2 independently controlled hot plates.  Plus, depending on the model and size you choose, there are options for gas burners, induction hob, warming plate, slow cook oven/grill, warming oven, and conventional fan oven.

With 16 beautiful enamelled colours to choose from, and a range of models and widths, there is an AGA to suit every cook and every kitchen.  Why not start your own AGA journey with us today?