At Haydown Kitchens, we have been working with clients to create their perfect open plan kitchen. Open plan kitchens are rising in popularity and it’s no wonder; not only
So, you are planning your new kitchen, and have been busy making decisions. You know what appliances you want. You have chosen the style and colour of your kitchen
There are many good reasons to opt for a German kitchen – from the quality and durability right through to the innovative features and the wide range of style
In the late 1970’s my mother, a Cordon Bleu trained cook, said goodbye to the dreary kitchen that had come with our sixties-built house and had the kitchen of
You want a new kitchen and are looking for inspiration. There are plenty of great photos on-line and in magazines and brochures; kitchens with island units, kitchens with shiny
When it comes to the colour of kitchen furniture, neutral and muted shades are very popular. Just take a look in a kitchen brochure or showroom and you will

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