Creating an Open-Plan Kitchen


Creating an Open-Plan Kitchen

At Haydown Kitchens, we have been working with clients to create their perfect open plan kitchen. Open plan kitchens are rising in popularity and it’s no wonder; not only do they offer plenty of space-saving opportunities, but they can also add plenty of diversity and target your specific needs and individual requirements. Haydown Kitchens understand how challenging it can be to optimise space and with the price increase of properties, space can add a significant mark up on the overall value of your home. With many years of experience, we can help to plan and design a stunning open plan kitchen that combines style, storage, and ultimate practicality. Our first plan of action would be to take a look at the layout of your kitchen and available space so that we can determine where to place cabinets and appliances for your kitchen to run smoothly. Working closely with you, we can then create an open space design that is suited to all of your individual needs.

The beauty of an open plan kitchen is that you can create a communal area where you can talk to family and friends in the other room without walls and doors blocking your view. This is ideal for families with children and pets as you can cook or clean whilst keeping an eye on the little ones. Whilst designing your open plan kitchen, we look at important features which will enable your kitchen to look bright, open, and clutter-free. Choosing the right storage and enabling a clear flow of light will make the world of difference to your kitchen and enhance its overall appearance. Here at Haydown Kitchens Hampshire, we are knowledgeable on minimalistic designs and can suggest innovative ways to optimise your space.


Some of our ideas include integrated appliances, under cabinet storage, concealed fridges, hidden waste bins, built-in ovens, corner cabinets and retractable taps etc. We can also suggest innovative ways to give your kitchen a modern twist from different coloured cabinets, led lighting, boiling taps and state of the art appliances so that your kitchen truly feels like a home. We are proud of our ability to supply you with high-quality appliances from leading brands such as Bora, Neff, AGA, and Quooker. If you are interested in an open plan kitchen and would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Haydown Kitchens, Hampshire. We supply kitchens in Stockbridge, Winchester, Romsey, Andover, Salisbury and of course all the places in between.

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