How Bold Are You With Colour?


How Bold Are You With Colour?

When it comes to the colour of kitchen furniture, neutral and muted shades are very popular. Just take a look in a kitchen brochure or showroom and you will see displays in shades of white, cream and grey, as well as in greens and blues. They are easy on the eye, stand the test of time and of course work well with many other colours.

There is however a world of colour out there. A while ago, we were asked to refurbish the cabinet doors in a kitchen that has black gloss furniture, red worktops and a red tiled floor. Our brief was not to alter the colour of the kitchen but to change the doors from gloss to a matt finish. You may think that black and red is a bold choice for a kitchen and it is definitely not one you see often. However, the overall look in this particular case is stunning. You cannot help but say “wow” on entering the room!

For those of you who love colour, don’t forget that our British made kitchens can be painted in any colour you like. The choice is yours.

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