Your kitchen design is the most important part of your new kitchen.


Because it is all in the planning.

Everything in your kitchen design needs to be carefully thought through and planned into the room.  There is little point in being presented with a gorgeous looking kitchen design if the design doesn’t work in reality.  Cabinet doors need to be able to open fully without brushing up against walls/ceilings/other cabinets.  An island unit needs space to ensure it’s a comfortable working zone without pinch points.  Stools placed at a breakfast bar need to have enough space behind them to allow for ease of movement.  And so on.

Our talented kitchen designers are very experienced and an initial design consultation with us is FREE.   We are very used to working from architects’ plans as well as your own self-measured floor plans (rest assured, we do carry out our own site survey and measurements but this happens at a later stage in the design process).   When you come to us for your first design consultation, we look at what you want in your kitchen, how you want it to function and, of course, how you want it to look.  On top of this, we think about what will work well in your space, and come up with suggestions and ideas for you to consider.

After the first consultation, we work on creating a design for your new kitchen, carefully planning everything in.  As soon as our initial design and kitchen images are ready, we invite you to our showroom to come and take a look.

To book your FREE initial kitchen design consultation, and start your kitchen journey, please call us on 01264 333123. Alternatively, email us on : or complete the contact form on our website.