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Nobilia Kitchens from Haydown Kitchens

Nobilia Kitchens certainly know a thing or two about kitchens!  They are the market leader in Germany and the largest manufacturer in Europe. They produce around 3400 kitchens a day and export to customers around the world.

  So, what makes a Nobilia so great?

Firstly, every design is individually planned and individually made to order. The quality of the furniture is excellent – well-designed and precision-made.

Secondly, there is plenty of choice.  Nobilia has an excellent range of colours, textures and styles to suit most tastes.

Thirdly their carcases come in 3 different heights (standard, XL and Maxi).  This is brilliant as you can chose the working height that is right for you.  Also if you have limited kitchen space, an XL or Maxi cabinet will give you a bit more storage room.

And finally, Nobilia can supply the whole kitchen (including worktops, appliances, sink and tap) at a very competitive price.

For a high quality German made kitchen at a competitive price, take a look at our Nobilia kitchen gallery below, or click here to visit the Nobilia website.

“the best-designed kitchen is a kitchen designed by you”


These are just a few of the kitchen styles offered by Nobilia.