Looking Ahead to 2018

With 2018 fast approaching we have been looking at some of the styles, materials, colours and new ideas for kitchens for the year ahead, along with some of the advances in kitchen technology.  Here are just a few things to look out for.

The Industrial Look
Inspired by the style of urban loft apartments, this contemporary look for kitchens is becoming increasingly more popular.  New from Nolte for 2018 is a range of cupboard and drawer fronts that have real metal, “Ferro” and an authentic looking reproduction, “Metal”.  These new products are a fabulous addition to the industrial look kitchens launched by Nolte last year, which include “Portland” with its hand-finished real cement doors, available in anthracite and agate (a pale grey).


Two Colour Kitchens
For a kitchen to look good, the base cabinets don’t have to be the same colour and material as the wall units.   Using more than one colour can make a kitchen look really interesting and help bind together the overall interior design of the room.  Although not a new concept, it remains fresh and popular as we head into 2018. In our current project, our client has opted for wall cabinets in Nolte’s Papyrus Grey teamed with base cabinets in a shade of white. The effect is stunning. We will post photos of it once it is finished.

For more examples of how fabulous using more than one colour can be, take a look at our case studies, Sitting Room Conversion, Drawing Room Conversion and Country Style kitchen.  These all feature Haydown Bespoke Kitchens.


Mixing and Matching Materials
Mixing and matching materials can add interest, texture and depth to a room.  For example, using one solid colour for the majority of the kitchen furniture and then adding shelving or tall cabinets in a different material, such as a woodgrain. Again, not a new concept but one that remains a popular choice of style.


Colours and Finishes
Green is making an appearance in kitchens for 2018.  Whether used as an accent shade alongside another colour, or combined with a textured surface such as woodgrain, green can look really refreshing. Nolte has introduced two shades of this colour for the coming year – “Avocado”, a soft, pale green and “Olive”.


Brass, copper and rose gold are on trend and are available across a wide range of kitchen appliances, accessories and lighting.  Adding accents of these metals to a kitchen, such as brass pendant lights, a rose gold kettle or copper pans will bring a warm finish to the room and will work well with most colours of kitchen cabinets.

Cupboards and Shelving
A simple yet clever design option for the end of base and wall units has been introduced by Nolte which provides additional storage for small items.


Nolte’s new open wall shelf unit is stylish, versatile and practical, with plenty of space to display books and decorative items. It can also be supplied with a sliding door – handy if you want to hide things away on messy days!

New Shelving option from Nolte with Sliding Doors in Arctic White


Pantry Units
The pantry is being brought back to life and is making an appearance again in British homes.  The modern pantry unit is a really practical piece of kitchen furniture and provides convenient “everything in one place” storage for tinned food, bottles, jars, spices, herbs, pasta, rice etc.  You can also add drawers and vegetable baskets.


Technology is playing a bigger and bigger part in the running of our homes, such as being able to control the heating and lighting via a Smartphone App.  Recent advances in kitchen technology include a Smart refrigerator.  This has a WiFi enabled touchscreen which (amongst other things), streams music and displays photos, notes and recipes.  It also has cameras which take images of the fridge contents each time the door is shut.  These photos can be accessed remotely via a Smartphone!  How exciting is that?  No more wracking your brains at the supermarket trying to remember what you have and what you need to buy.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a Happy 2018!

Chris & Lis

Haydown Kitchens


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