Looking Ahead to 2020

In September it was “house fair time” for our German kitchen suppliers. This is where we got to see all their wonderful kitchen designs on display along with their new products, styles and colours for the year ahead.  So, what is happening in the world of kitchens for 2020?  Well, the short answer is plenty!  Here are just a few things below.

1.  COLOURS:   As far as colours are concerned,  whites, creams and greys remain the most popular for kitchen cabinets.  They are timeless and can easily be combined with other colours to great effect.  For 2020, Nolte have introduced further shades of grey to their colour palette. These include “Platinum”, a soft, pale grey, and “Sapphire Grey” cement door.

Splashes of colour feature heavily too.   Alno can colour match most RAL paint colours. So, if the colour you want for your kitchen cabinets isn’t amongst their standard range, it can be done for you as a bespoke option.  How fantastic is that!

Nolte already have a wide ranges of colours and have added 2 more for 2020.  These are “Lavender” (pink) and “Henna” (red).

Nobilia loves colour too, with pieces of furniture and shelving available in a selection of accent colours which bring a visual highlight to a kitchen. Examples below are of Alpine White kitchens, with accent colours in “maize yellow” and “aqua”.

2.  THE INDUSTRIAL LOOK:    This remains very much on trend.  So much so that all of our kitchen suppliers have added more styles to their ranges.  We love Alno’s “Glint” doors which now come in brass metallic and dark grey metallic.  They look stunning.   “Vegas” is one of the new metal effect doors from Nolte and has a bronze and a stainless steel option.  Nobilia’s concrete effect doors not only look great but come in 4 colours (black, 2 greys and white) which can easily be mixed and matched together.

3.  VERTICAL RIB FEATURES:  These are new door options from Alno for their wooden kitchen furniture.  Rather than having a flat panel as a door front, these have been designed with “vertical ribs” that give you a glimpse of what is inside the cupboard.  We think these add an interesting feature to a kitchen design.  What do you think?

4.  GLASS:  Continues to be a very popular material for splashbacks, and is also now being used in place of wall tiles and painted walls.

Not only is glass easy to clean but there is a world of choice when it comes to colours and designs.   Most paint colours can be matched.  Sparkle and shimmer effect can be added. Mirror glass can be given an antique look.  Images can be digitally printed on – including ones that look like wall tiles.

The options are endless, and everything is tailor made to your specification.

5.  SMART APPLIANCES:   From apps on your smart phone, you can control your heating, turn your house lights on, and even see who is on your doorstep.   Technology is everywhere these days and the kitchen is no exception.

Over the last few years, appliance manufacturers, such as Neff and Samsung, have been introducing WiFi models to the market.   Imagine your extractor hood automatically switching on when you turn on the hob, or getting a notification on your phone to tell you your oven has nearly finished baking your cake!   This is the future of cooking!

We particularly like Samsung’s “Family Hub” freestanding fridge freezer.  This has a large “tablet” style touch screen on the front for music, photos, recipes, notes etc.  It also has internal cameras which take a snapshot of the fridge contents each time the door is opened and closed.  You can then access the image remotely.  Such a handy tool to have when you are out shopping!

6.  THE QUOOKER TAP:   As you know we are great fans of the Quooker Boiling Water Tap and have one in our showroom.

This year, Quooker introduced the CUBE for dispensing filtered chilled and sparkling water directly from your Quooker tap.

As lovers of sparkling water, we think this is a fantastic addition – especially as it means no more plastic or glass bottles of shop bought sparkling water!   With the CUBE, you can enjoy a glass of pure, gently sparkling fresh water in an instant!

Quooker really is “The Tap that does it All”

7.  BORA EXTRACTOR:  During our recent trip to Germany we took the opportunity to take a close look at Bora hobs with built in extractors.  We were pretty impressed!   They definitely tick lots of boxes.  Efficient.  Innovative.  Stylish.

Having seen them in action, they do a pretty good job of getting rid of cooking odours.  The extractor draws off grease particles and odours directly from the cookware, preventing vapours from rising up and spreading around the room.

They are also quieter than conventional extractors and are straight forward to clean.

If you are planning a new kitchen this year, then you may want to consider having a hob based extractor, rather than having a ceiling mounted one, a downdraft extractor or cooker hood.

Finally, we at Haydown Kitchens are getting ourselves ready for 2020 and are really excited about the year ahead!

We recently created more space in our boutique showroom, ready to add displays from Alno and Nobilia German kitchens.  Our display kitchens will be in place early next year and we can’t wait to show you them.

Have a Happy Christmas and, if you are thinking about a new kitchen for 2020, let us know.  Just give us a call, and come over and see us.

All the best!

Chris and Lis