What’s Hot For 2019?

So, what’s happening in the world of kitchen design as we go forward into 2019?  Well, the short answer is plenty!  These are just a few things that we have been looking at.

1.  NEW FROM NOLTE GERMAN KITCHENS:   Always innovative, Nolte have introduced some interesting new products for 2019.  Top of the list for us are their décor doors with anti-fingerprint properties! (yes, you did read that correctly!)  These doors are available in a soft matt finish, and come in two colour options.  Nolte take their environmental responsibility very seriously and for 2019 have introduced doors made from recycled materials!  How fantastic is that!  These doors have a textile-look finish and are available in 2 shades of grey.

2. THE “INDUSTRIAL CHIC” LOOK:    Although not new, this look is still very much on trend for 2019 and it remains a popular choice for kitchens.  Nolte’s range of “industrial chic” décor doors include real cement, real metal and high quality reproductions of metal and stone.  The cement and stone options come in shades of grey, ranging from a very pale “Glacier” through to the deep coloured “Anthracite”.   The metal options include a warm looking “Copper Oxoid” and a stunning dark “Blue Steel”.      


3.  COLOURS & MATERIALS:   As we go into 2019, using more than one material in a kitchen remains popular.  It creates interest and looks great.  For example, adding open shelves in oak to a deep blue kitchen, teaming wall units in Arctic White with industrial style cabinets in Blue Steel, or creating a simple Scandinavian feel by combining white units with a pale coloured wood.  

White remains the most popular colour choice for kitchen furniture – whether used on its own, or with a secondary colour, or alongside another material.  We are also seeing a strong trend for dark, bold colours such as shades of deep blue, dark green, grey and black.  Nolte have a fabulous range of colours across a palette of warm and cool tones, from a stunning bright red though to a crisp arctic white.  


4.  GLASS:  We are seeing a lot more glass being used in the kitchen in the place of tiles and metal splashbacks.  There is so much choice out there – antique mirror glass, coloured glass, picture glass.  Antique Mirror Glass can look stunning.  Although a modern product, it has a finish that replicates the look of an antique mirror.  There are different colour options available such as antique silver and antique bronze.  As you would imagine, coloured glass comes in many different shades and it can also be custom coloured to tie in with your kitchen’s colour scheme.  Picture glass – well the name speaks for itself.  There are so many different images you can choose from.  This pretty daisy themed picture glass splashback was chosen by our client to add a punch of colour to her monochrome kitchen.



5.  WINE CABINETS:   Not only does a wine cabinet create the optimum storage conditions for your wine, but it looks great too!  We are seeing an increasing number of clients who want to include a wine cabinet in their kitchen.  There is plenty of choice to suit individual requirements and budgets.  There are many under counter models, some with touch controls and 2 temperature zones.  Even if space is at a premium in your kitchen, you will find there are several slimline options, including one at just 145mm wide.


6.  THE ACCESSORY TROUGH:  We have not seen many of these metal accessory troughs around yet but they are creating an enormous amount of interest in the kitchen industry.   The ones we have seen come in two lengths – 900mm and 1200mm and can be plumbed in if required.  Fitted into your worktop, they can be used for many things – such as filled with pots of your favourite herbs, or used as an “ice bucket” to keep drinks cool.   There are optional accessories that you can add including a glass drainer, dish rack, chopping boards and knife block.


7.  GUNMETAL & COPPER:   Over the last few years, the use in kitchens of gunmetal and copper has grown from the odd accessory to almost the entire kitchen.  In 2017 Nolte introduced their metal and metal effect kitchens which have proven to be very popular.  Last year we saw some stunning sinks and taps in copper and gunmetal hit the market, such as those shown in the images below.  Now, it’s the turn of built in appliances!  These elegant Smeg appliances from their Dulce Stil Novo range have a copper trim and look fabulous against the dark coloured kitchen units.






8.  THE BOILING WATER TAP:  Could the days of the humble kettle be numbered?  Not sure, but we have seen a marked increase in clients doing away with their kettle and having a boiling water tap installed instead.  Not only is it time saving but it helps prevent wasting water as you only dispense the amount you need.  Plus, by ditching the kettle you free up more worktop space.  There are many makes and models on the market but the best, in our opinion, is the Quooker tap.  It is an amazing appliance, delivering instant boiling water at 100 degrees centigrade.  It is perfect for cooking, making hot drinks and sterilising.  Don’t just take our word for it – take a look at the Quooker website, or better still, come and see it in action for yourself in our Showroom.


Wishing you all the very best for 2019!

Chris & Lis

Haydown Kitchens