5 Ways To Make The Most Of A Small Kitchen


5 Ways To Make The Most Of A Small Kitchen

You want a new kitchen and are looking for inspiration.  There are plenty of great photos on-line and in magazines and brochures; kitchens with island units, kitchens with shiny range cookers and huge American-style fridge freezers, kitchens with heaps of working space and storage.  They all look fantastic but they all have something that you don’t ……. plenty of space!  There are however many ways in which you can make the most of your small kitchen, ensuring that it is both stylish and practical.  Here are just a few.


1. Good Storage

This is essential in a small kitchen. Without it the room becomes cluttered and disorganised and valuable worktop space disappears. There are lots of practical storage solutions available. We love the “Le Mans” (pictured below). This system cleverly utilises the space in a corner cupboard and can be fully pulled out, allowing you to easily access what you need. No more sticking your head inside the dark recesses of the corner cupboard to retrieve things!


2. Taller Base Units

A very simple way of creating extra room in your kitchen is by opting for taller base units. A standard base cabinet (without worktop or plinth) measures approx. 720mm – 750mm high. We can supply a 900mm high cabinet, which when paired with a super slim work top and a shallow plinth, will give you the equivalent of an extra drawer per unit, without the working surface being overly high.


3. Colours, Styles and Materials

You can create the illusion of having more space in your kitchen through the colours, styles and materials you use. For example, high gloss furniture / worktops / flooring will help bounce the light around the room, making it appear larger. Handleless cupboards will give a sleek, uncluttered look to a small kitchen, and by sticking to a predominately pale colour scheme will help the room to look light and more spacious.


4. Open Shelves & Glass Fronted Wall Cabinets

Filling the walls with cabinets can make a small kitchen feel cramped and dark. Consider using some open shelves and /or glass fronted wall cabinets. Not only do they provide you with that all important storage but will make your kitchen appear larger as your eye is drawn to the wall / back of the cupboard.


5. Good Lighting

Finally, don’t forget about lighting. Anything well lit will look bigger, so flood your kitchen with lots of light! For example, well positioned ceiling spot lights and down lights will help brighten the room. Think too about using LED strip lights under your cabinets and even along the plinths to provide further kitchen lighting.

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